Coalition for Electoral Reform Now! 

Montreal, November 08, 2019 – Following its special general meeting to study the bill that would establish a new voting system, the Coalition for Electoral Reform now! urges the government to quickly set up the parliamentary committee that will examine Bill 39.

By setting up this commission quickly, starting this fall, parliamentarians would have time to hear the various stakeholders, to conduct a detailed study of the bill this winter, and then to finally adopt it next spring. By doing so, the government would be able to implement the reform as early as the 2022 general election, as the CAQ had promised by signing the trans-partisan agreement in May 2018.

The Coalition reminds the government that it has been nearly 40 years since analyses and consultations were conducted, and that a clear consensus has emerged over time on the need to reform our voting system. It is now time to act. “Many civil society organizations are ready to contribute to the process in order to improve Bill 39 so that together we can transcend political divisions and partisan interests, to build a truly democratic society in Quebec, where every vote counts,” observed Sonia Éthier, Chairperson of the Centrale des Syndicats du Québec (CSQ), and spokesperson for the Coalition.

The Coalition for Electoral Reform Now! is committed to developing a broad-based popular movement for electoral reform throughout Quebec, to informing and raising public awareness of the issues of electoral reform, to holding the government to its promises, and to strengthening democracy in Quebec by achieving compensatory mixed member proportional representation elections as early as 2022. It currently brings together more than seventy organizations and networks from all sectors of civil society throughout Québec, representing more than 2.1 million active members in more than 12,000 organizations.

SOURCE: Coalition for Electoral Reform Now!