Montreal, October 16, 2019 – The Mouvement Démocratie Nouvelle (MDN) urges the government to form a parliamentary committee without delay to examine Bill 39, “An Act to establish a new electoral system.” “We intend to propose improvements to this bill, which, in its current form, fails to provide for the full expression of a plurality of votes,” says MDN President Jean-Pierre Charbonneau. “Several other civil society groups are also standing by, ready to make constructive proposals.” 

By getting started as early as November, legislators would have time to hear the interventions in Parliamentary Commission, conduct a detailed study of the bill, to adopt it and to vote it next spring. “The longer the government delays in starting committee work,” the President added, “the longer the delay in the passage of an improved bill. Let’s not delay what ought to be done promptly. Concerning the future of our democracy, this bill is enormously vital and so central to the effort to make every vote count.” 

Source :                    Mouvement Démocratie Nouvelle

Informations :        Francis Boucher – (438) 888 – 7999