QUEBEC, June 2, 2019 – Student groups in Quebec have united behind a demand that the government follow through on its promise to enact a more representative system. For a democracy this is an essential concern and must take precedence over the personal and partisan considerations of MNAs.

In recent weeks, two developments have come to shroud the reform project. First, the announcement of a delay, much longer than expected, before allowing the Quebec’s Chief Electoral Officer (DGEQ) to begin to implement the new voting system; second, the Justice Minister has suspended multi-party negotiations, allegedly so she might address the concerns of certain members in her caucus.

Hesitation in these first steps has historically led to the abandonment of any electoral reform which is concerning to Quebec students, who are anxiously awaiting an electoral system by which their vote will really count. We hope wholeheartedly that this time is the right one, but it requires consequent actions. It is therefore important:

  • That transparent multi-party negotiations, which have so far led to considerable progress towards reform, be resumed;
  • That the Director General of Quebec Elections initiate the adoption of reform in time for its use in the elections of 2022, and that the government provides the DGEQ with whatever support is necessary to meet this deadline;
  • That the Multiparty Agreement signed on May 9, 2018, be honored, and that a bill respecting the agreement’s principles be ready for a vote by October 1, 2019.

These demands may be boiled down to one single demand: that work towards a more fair and representative voting system be allowed to continue among the parties, at the office of the DGEQ, and within Parliament. Popular and political will, we are convinced, support these crucial changes for the improvement of our democracy; but that can only become a reality through action.

SENSÉ – Solution Étudiante Nationale pour un Scrutin Équitable

Cosignatories :

UEQ – Union Étudiante du Québec

FECQ – Fédération Étudiante Collégiale du Québec

FAECUM – Fédération des Associations Étudiantes du Campus de l’Université de Montréal

CADEUL – Confédération des Associations D’Étudiants et Étudiantes de l’Université Laval

AÉLIÉS – Association des Étudiantes et des Étudiants de Laval Inscrits aux Études Supérieures

MAGE-UQAC – Mouvement des Associations Générales Étudiantes de l’UQAC

AESGUL – Association des Étudiants en Sciences et Génie de l’Université Laval

AGETAAC – Association Générale des Étudiantes en Agriculture, Alimentation et Consommation

About SENSÉ: La Solution Étudiante Nationale pour un Scrutin Équitable (National Student Solution for a Fair Vote) argues in favor of the adoption of a compensatory mixed-member proportional electoral system with regional redistribution in Quebec. SENSÉ relies on the support of 39 college and university student associations, representing more than 237,000 students in Quebec.