Montreal, February 26 2019 – Mouvement Démocratie Nouvelle (MDN) is pleased that the Québec government and in particular, the Minister Sonia LeBel have shown us such confidence, following an announcement that the government is making a sizeable sum available to support MDN as it continues its work towards reforming the Québec electoral system.

“To us, this is more than financial support, it is a recognition of all the work that civil society has been doing for the past 20 years to promote electoral reform in Québec,” stated Jean-Pierre Charbonneau, MDN’s new President and a former Minister of reforms for democratic institutions.

The financial aid provided by the government will allow MDN to play a key role and will favour the success of the delicate process of adopting a new electoral system in Québec. The aid will be used to:

  • Facilitate dialog between civilian activists and political parties, particularly when it comes to ongoing discussions on how the new electoral system will be implemented, with reference to best practice studies done in Québec and elsewhere in the world.
  • Develop supporting materials and presentation tools that will provide an impartial analysis of the implications of the various electoral systems being proposed, in order to equip individuals and organizations with the knowledge they need to participate in the public debates that are part of the consultations for a new bill.
  • Lead a popular education campaign on the chosen electoral model following the public consultations, so that the general public is able to use this system to elect the 43rd Québec legislature.

“The government is making history by choosing to co-create an electoral system with civil society, which will naturally encourage a widespread buy-in for the new solution when the bill is tabled,” said MDN Vice-President Françoise David.

“The MDN intends to draw on its own expertise, and to reach out to its network, which has been active since the beginning of the multi-partisan process started back in 2016. We have this opportunity to make history together, beyond partisan considerations, in the interest of all Quebecers,” concluded MDN’s general manager, Jean-Sébastien Dufresne.

MDN’s latest mandate is part of a multi-partisan process that the movement initiated in spring 2016, which led to the opposition parties agreeing to the principles that would guide the choice of an electoral system. The opposition parties agreed that a new electoral system would have to reflect the popular vote as much as possible, ensure a link between voters and local representatives, respect the political weight of the regions, favour a stable government, be easy to use and to understand, and contribute to a more accurate representation of women and cultural diversity.

About MDN

Mouvement démocratie nouvelle (MDN) is a non-partisan citizen’s group, which has been striving for 15 years to achieve electoral reform, based on multiple public consultations and international experience. MDN would like to achieve an electoral system that will better represent the popular will, and which will foster equality of the sexes, Québec diversity, the role of the regions in the Québec reality, and political pluralism. In the spring of 2016 MDN began a trans-partisan process, that culminated to a historic agreement in May 2018, in which the opposition party leaders committed to work together to come up with an electoral reform bill by October 1 2019.



Mouvement démocratie nouvelle


Jean-Sébastien Dufresne

General director of Mouvement démocratie nouvelle